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Kelly LeValley Hunt

Blockchain |Technology | Investing
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Kelly LeValley Hunt has over 20 years of experience in the data center space, working with software development organizations, and in the telecommunications industry in Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa and North America. In 2017, Kelly invested in and joined BlockApps, a leading blockchain based organization, as Global Vice President of Sales. She supports, advises and invests in the Blockchain community. In 2018 Microsoft presented Kelly with the ‘Hypergrowth Innovation Leadership Award’, and in recognition of her being an early investor and leading voice in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency arenas. In the same year Forbes Magazine recognized her as a “Pioneer” in Blockchain.

Kelly is a Venture Partner at XLP Capital and serves as an advisor to multiple technology organizations. Kelly is a guest speaker at Yale Business School, Columbia University, Durham University, Warwick Business School and King’s College London. Kelly holds a Masters of Business Administration from Warwick Business School specializing in Entrepreneurial Finance.

Speaking Engagements

2019-06-19 | SCIT NYC '19 | Mini-Keynotes & Panel

2018-11-02 | Change Fashion New York | Transforming Supply Chains - Block by Block

2018-05-08 | Kings College London | Profession Fest 

2018-05-01 | DCD Enterprise New York | Blockchain & DC Design 

2018-03-24 | Discover Blockchains Portland | Applications of Blockchain in Everyday Life

2018-03-17 | Yale School of Management | EMBA Program


2018-02-10 | University of Durham UK | Durham Blockchain Conference

2017-11-28 | Blockchain Summit London | The Future of Blockchain

2014-10-15 | Data Center Turkey | Panel Discussion: DC in 20 Years


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